Everyday we wake up and surround ourselves with fabrics of all different colors. This process of buying and wearing clothes is a very important part of culture on a societal level, and personality on a personal level. There has been a change within the last thirty years, shoes have become an essential part of people's outfit. We can thank music and sports for this. Within those last thirty years music has started to name drop a style of shoes in songs. This has created a culture around the shoes that people wear. Notable musicians that have dropped shoes in their music have been Jay Z, Drake, Pharrell, Tyler the Creator, Skepta and Kanye West. Not only has the music industry created this dynamic, but so has sports. Most sports rely on quality shoes for athletes to perform at their best. Companies have used ball players as a way to market their product. Notable players that have helped market equipment have been Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant,  David Beckham, Usain Bolt, Tiger Woods, and Rafael Nadal. I wanted to see how these influential people have affected how people have repped their outfits. So I decided to go out and find what people were wearing and ask them what those shoes meant to them. Here are my results.

"Obviously my shoes are pretty beat up, but there Jordan's you can't go bad with Jordan's. As native from Chicago you have to have a pair. I've done everything in them from hoop to just kick it. My mom got me these two years ago and I've pretty much have worn these ever since."

"These to me look pretty clean and simple. I just like how easy they are. Nothing to much going on and I just pop em on and tie them. Everybody thinks they are an hipster shoe, and they kind of are. I guess the indie artists are wearing these."

"Everybody has to have a pair, they are classics"  

"A classic shoe. Super simple and super in style. You can't go wrong. I know Skepta is sponsored Converse and like his music and the Grime scene in London. So I kind of think there a move"

"Well these are a throw back, Stan Smith's. I like em they are simple and they are Adidas one of my favorite bands. Pharell backed these and he makes some happy music. What's not to like?"

"It's winter what can I say? It's a struggle to look nice and stay warm. These to me are right on the money."


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